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I'm caltlgin. I love coding, hacking and making awesome things. This site is a log of my projects and a way for people to get in touch with me. I am a big Linux, open source and privacy advocate. The Linux distribution I currently use is Linux Mint Cinnamon.

Find me on Mastodon or check out my Wiki.

Questions to ask yourself...
⚫  How can a company be worth billions of dollars... Yet the services they offer are free?
⚫  Why should I worry... I don't have anything to hide.
Aral Balkan

 Services I Host

I host a few FOSS/Libre services that are free to use. NB: Some services at this time only support sign-up via email.

  • My F-Droid Repository

  •   ⚫  F-Droid Repository of opensource apps that are not in the F-Droid repos.
      ⚫  My apk file archive can be accessed here.
  • Firefly III

  •   ⚫  A free and open source personal finance manager.
  • Framadate

  •   ⚫  Create online polls, plan appointments or making a decisions quickly and easily.
  • Get your IP address

  •   ⚫  Webpage that returns your IP address. Source code.
      ⚫  Please limit requests to 1 per minute. They may be rate-limited otherwise.
  • PrivateBin

  •   ⚫  PrivateBin is a private and secure, open source online pastebin.
  • RSS-Bridge

  •   ⚫  Generate RSS and Atom feeds for websites which don't have one.
  • Unmark

  •   ⚫  An open source to-do application for bookmarks.
  • wallabag

  •   ⚫  Save articles to read later. Just like Pocket yet wallabag is free, opensource and private.
  • More services coming soon.

  •   ⚫  Watch this space. 😃

 Smart Home

My Smart Home consists of a Raspberry Pi (Model B) 3 running Mosquitto as the MQTT Broker and Node RED for automation. I use the WeMos D1 Mini for all my devices due to its numerous shields, breadboard compatibility, low cost and inbuild USB interface. Not to mention I'm a big fan of the esp8266.


esp8266 Clock

Simple digital clock for my bedroom that will keep the correct time and update itself on daylight savings.


  • Find my code on Gitea
  • Archived/Unmaintained code is here
  • Here is a list of tools I use to do my development with.
  • Most of my software is written in Python and Bash. I prefer Python and Bash because its open source, uses a scripting language and is easy to deploy.
  • All of my software is released under the GNU General Public License v3.0 unless otherwise stated.

Your welcome to leave feature requests or issue reports, but please keep in mind that I do this as a fun little project that I work on in my spare time. Contributions can be made by creating Pull Requests. If you would like to donate, please consider donating to the Wikimedia Foundation for bash

Simple command line program for Get API Key from

mkdir -p ~/.bin && \
curl -Ls | tee ~/.bin/kutt && \
chmod +x ~/.bin/kutt
Add to $PATH
echo 'export PATH=~/.bin:$PATH' >> ~/.bashrc && \
. ~/.bashrc
kutt [option]
Simple command line program for
API Key required. Get API Key from

-h				Show this help message and exit
-k				Add/Update API Key
-a [options] 	Add url
-c 			Set a custom URL (Optional)
-p 			Set a password (Optional)
-a -r 			Reuse existing url if available
-l				Get list of last five shortened URLs
-d 				Delete a shortened URL
-s 				Get stats for a shortened URL

kutt -a

kutt -a -c 'cal'

kutt -a -c api-docs -p 123

kutt -s api-docs
Returns formatted json output

kutt -d api-docs
Returns: Sort URL deleted successfully


 For secure communication please send me a PGP-encrypted email. Don't forget to attach your public key.

⚫  Email address:
⚫  Public key: Download
⚫  Key ID: FADFCE17
⚫  Fingerprint: F80D B319 1744 C0DC 8749 E403 FF5B D4CB FADF CE17

# Run the following command on Linux to import my public key:
gpg --recv-keys 0xFADFCE17